Monday, August 30, 2010


The town that I am working from now is called Fermont which was built in 1970 to develop a massive iron mine in the middle of nowhere. The architects decided to use a design that had been previously used in nordic countries. They basically built a 1.3km long 4 story building to house workers, school, shopping, offices, hospital... the building covers the northern part of town which partially blocks the dominant wind.

How do you build a driving range when flat, non-swampy ground is not available? You shoot the floating golf balls over open water of course.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Black Flies

Daddy is in Fermont and is working very hard looking at rocks. When we get on the hill to get some mapping done we are welcomed by some friends. Lets just say that great-gran Isabel couldn't work here (biting insects are attracted to her).

Sunday, August 08, 2010

BIC scenery

La ferme Rioux.

You would think I would be looking at the rocks. Not on vacation I'm not.

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BIC Wildlife

The common seal taking in the sun on the 2 rocks in the bottom of the photo

Bambi and Mum not bothered by the humans nearby.
The most dangerous of all beasts in this region; it is commonly spotted carrying its prey with it (a Bun-Bun in this case).
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Camp Food

Most of the meals we ate were very healthy and natural but those weren't the most fun ones...

Smores Before
Smores After
Chocolate Monster
Hot Chocolate and Popcorn (note Alice chanting in the background)
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Famous rappers J-Bird and D-Nibs

Janette and Dave arrived at dusk and were quick to get unpacked so they could get some campfire time in before bed.

Beach-Combers. Relic is wearing the orange back-pack.

Thats not my hat!!!
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BIC camping

We arrived at a this coastal provincial parc after a 7 hour drive to find the most pituresque location and many trails that were perfect for our family. We were lucky to be joined by Janette and Dave who drove a similar distance to meet us.

The only gorilla in that mist is Daddy.

Lots of trails to be conquered and we had the bycicle limosine to get us around.

The first big hill of the day. Lucy was especially brave and needed no coaxing to go up or down this mammoth.
Low tide means treasures galore (deadwood, seashells, seaweed, garbage...)
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Monday, August 02, 2010

Un petit coin de bricolage

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Gran's Face Painting

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Christmas in July

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Almost Harvard

After three great years at Silvana's home-run daycare for Alice. and one year for Estelle, we were lucky to get a spot in one of the provincially-funded/run CPE dayacres (Centre de petite enfance). Let me emphasize A spot. Yes, only one... for Alice. So without going into the backstory, Estelle ended up in a new daycare, her's privately run, in waiting to join her big sister. Despite mum's fretting, both girls have adapted remarkably to their new routines, and we are incredibly impressed by the staff, facilities, meals and activities.

Yay for daycare workers who allow us mums and dads to go to work with our minds at ease.

A big thank-you to Silvana and her family for taking such good care of our precious treasures.

(Note the photos taken in front of their cubbies only, and with no kids around... privacy issues...)

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