Monday, August 02, 2010

Almost Harvard

After three great years at Silvana's home-run daycare for Alice. and one year for Estelle, we were lucky to get a spot in one of the provincially-funded/run CPE dayacres (Centre de petite enfance). Let me emphasize A spot. Yes, only one... for Alice. So without going into the backstory, Estelle ended up in a new daycare, her's privately run, in waiting to join her big sister. Despite mum's fretting, both girls have adapted remarkably to their new routines, and we are incredibly impressed by the staff, facilities, meals and activities.

Yay for daycare workers who allow us mums and dads to go to work with our minds at ease.

A big thank-you to Silvana and her family for taking such good care of our precious treasures.

(Note the photos taken in front of their cubbies only, and with no kids around... privacy issues...)

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Anonymous said...

So grown up and independent... I can`t believe how quickly the girls have grown!
Love them both so much!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the new schools girls!!! Remember to have fun! Love you, Unkee Geee