Sunday, August 08, 2010

BIC camping

We arrived at a this coastal provincial parc after a 7 hour drive to find the most pituresque location and many trails that were perfect for our family. We were lucky to be joined by Janette and Dave who drove a similar distance to meet us.

The only gorilla in that mist is Daddy.

Lots of trails to be conquered and we had the bycicle limosine to get us around.

The first big hill of the day. Lucy was especially brave and needed no coaxing to go up or down this mammoth.
Low tide means treasures galore (deadwood, seashells, seaweed, garbage...)
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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! This looks like it was a beautiful trip. I wanna come next time! Love you all, Unkee Gee

Anonymous said...

Merci pour toutes ces photos. J'apprécie... et René aussi... je le sais. Lyse