Sunday, March 28, 2010

Small Fry

We managed another visit with little Olivia on Saturday, and snapped a few quick ones of the cousins together. Doesn't look like much for now, but just you wait until these three are painting each other's fingernails and driving to Dairy Queen together to meet up with a gang of (unworthy) boys in dad's minivan!

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Anonymous said...

Olivia was so happy to see her cousins and can't wait to learn about the world from them! (I thought we agreed that there would be NO BOYS until they are 25 and have their own vehicles?!)
Auntie Katherine

Anonymous said...

My, my. Ceci commence à ressembler à l'environnement chez Marie Ferguson... beaucoup d'estrogène. Félicitations à Katherine et Ben. Olivia est une belle petite fille. Mémé