Monday, March 01, 2010

Our very own cousin!!!!

Our first ever, super-special cousin was born today! Olivia Lucy Trudel was born at 2am on March 1st at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, weighing in at a little over 6 lbs.

It was a long and tiring event, and Auntie Katherine (now also Mummy Katherine!) hasn't slept since Friday night, but look at that happy glow! And of course Olivia is tired as well, but thankful to finally be in her mum and dad's arms. It was getting to be a tight squeeze in there, after 41 weeks and 2 days.

Alice and Estelle were unfortunately not allowed to visit the hospital, what with their cooties and all... but they are so excited to meet her at her home this coming weekend. Unfortunately, Olivia will not be ready to play Polly Pockets yet or to have Bun Bun smashed in her face, but it won't be long.

Did I mention that she is so tiny and beautiful?
And that her middle name is Lucy?

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Anonymous said...

Félicitations Katherine et Ben!
Janette & Dave

La famille Lavergne said...

Felicitations Katherine et Ben! Elle est tellement belle et j'adore son nom. Alice et Estelle vous allez sûrement vous amuser beaucoup avec elle.

Anonymous said...

OLIVIA, Welcome to our family.You are beautiful, and we met you yesterday.I can see your beautiful knees!!!! You have two lovely cousins Alice and Estelle to play and share stuff with, and I know they look forward to meeting you. Love Gran and Grandad xxxxxxxxx

Simonne et Agathe said...

Félicitations!!!! On avait hâte de savoir si elle était arrivée!!! Lucy comme ''middle name'', c'est un gage sûre de pleins de belles choses (Simonne Lucy Marie Gautron ;-) ) Au plaisir de rencontrer ce petit bout de Potter-Trudel!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, I am so happy that my first neice is finally with us. Mononcle Guy is very proud of the new mom and dad and i cant wait to meet little Olivia.

see you in 2 weeks,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all. Especially Mom and Dad. Congrats to the grandparents the aunts and uncles the cousins. Love, René and Lyse

Simonne et Agathe said...

ok on veut des nouvelles photos de la rencontre avec les cousines!!!