Tuesday, January 05, 2010


On Sunday, Gran, Grandad, Katherine and Mummy shared the pleasure of accompanying Alice on her very first theatrical outing. We "saw" the Christmas pantomime, Little Red Riding Hood put on by the Hudson Village Theatre. Saw is perhaps a little generous... While the initial build-up and beginning of the show were great, including the chickens' interpretation of a Black Eyed Peas song. Alice quickly protested once the big bad wolf came onto the scene.

We sat out the rest of the first half, played with a new friend during intermission, then watched 10 more minutes after the break.

Next summer will be Aladdin, and hopefully we'll make it through the entire show.

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La famille Lavergne said...

T'avais raison Alice! Le grand méchant loup n'est pas aimé ici non plus!

Anonymous said...

Cool - so many firsts for little miss Alice!