Saturday, January 23, 2010

And some fairy wings for my little sister.

This evening we supped with Meme, Pepe, Janette and Dave, who were in transit through Montreal from the Dominican Republic (lucky, lucky - two weeks in a private villa) On our drive home, we were discussing their return home and that Pepe would be so happy to see his horses when he arrived. He would be happy to feed them, groom them, and maybe take them out for a ride. Alice reminded me that her favorite horse is Shilo, because she is the one that took Alice for a ride when we visited last summer. But Alice then mentioned that she would like Shilo even better, if Pepe could make her into a unicorn, because then she would be even more beautiful!

So how about it Pepe?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Very cute! Pépé can do a lot of things, but that might be too tall an order, even for him!
Merci beaucoup d'être venu nous voir à l'aéroport - une belle fin à de belles vacances! Et oui, j'ai mis mes bottes avant de prendre le vol Mtl-Fred!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see Lucy, Alice and Estelle. It was like frosting on our holiday cake. Shilo would be a great Unicorn! My horsekeeper has seen Rufus the cat sitting on Shilo. Maybe Shilo gets a massage for a ride. That was the most fun ever at the airport. Gros hug Pépé.