Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rules will be more clear next year!!!

Lucy told Gareth 2 rules
1. Nothing big
2. Anything you want.
I guess rule #2 trumps #1.
You think that it was worth it?

Guy showing why "Tiny" can't sleep in Estelle's Crib.
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Anonymous said...

NOT MY FAULT!! I am innocent.l Lindsay is the one who chose the Tiny! All complaints canbe sent to her. Thank you for your co-operation. UNKY (Innocent) G

Anonymous said...

LOL! I got a big bear like that when I was in university - even more innappropriate. He stayed around for a while, then he made his way to the hospital's children's ward where he would get more love. But I'm sure the girls will get some fun times with Tiny! I'm sort of siding with Gareth and Lindsay on this one!
Janette & Dave