Sunday, November 15, 2009

Estelle's First Birthday

Estelle has been 0 years old for 365 days now (as Alice would say). We had a great big party in her honour.
Gareth was rather shocked that she liked cake so much. Its cake, she has mostly been eating luke-warm barley poridge so far... what did you expect.

Estelle showing off her new-found mobility. She has all but given up her bum-shuffling ways now and spends her time going from room to room picking up things and bringing them to us.

I will get to you later Mr. Turtle.
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Anonymous said...

Happy 1st birtday Estelle. It sure looks like you had a lot of people who love you to help you celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Lovely happy birthday pics, the girls all look gorgeous.
We have had Postal Strikes just finished. Did you receive the shoes for Estelle

Love from