Friday, October 23, 2009

Sticky Fingers

Auntie Katherine and Lucy got together today to express their inner domestic goddesses. We peeled, chopped, boiled and sterilized our way to three lovely batches of fall fruity preserves.

For those of you who haven't seen Katherine's belly (or didn't even know she was pregnant!) here she is in all her 23 week glory. And now we know what to do with all of Estelle and Alice's clothes that they've outgrown (yes, it's a girl)

The fruits of our labour included maple apple butter, apple sauce and pear jam.
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Anonymous said...

Save us some of the good stuff sisters! Unky G and Lindsay

Simonne et Agathe said...

miam miam... vous êtes bonnes les filles!!! Katherine, ma prédiction était donc bonne, une belle fille dans ta belle bedaine!!!! Félicitations !!!!! Vive les petites filles!!!!

à bientôt!!!

Anonymous said...

wow looks delicious, cant waitto ha a taste,


Anonymous said...

Nice! Looks yummy! And Katherine, you look amazing!