Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Have you been waiting 20 years for a good reason to grow a moustache? Well lucky you, we have found a good cause for your upper lip: to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. Take 5 minutes to watch this (click on the TV link when it pops up (page 2)):


If you want to join our team it is quite straightforward 1) Click on the link below to sign up to the “Nickel-Stashios”. 2) Compel people to visit your “Mo Space” via email or Facebook and they can choose to donate to the cause or learn about it. 3) Shave off clean on November 1st and grow the stash of your choice.


Ladies can sign up as Mo-Sistas (as opposed to Mo-Bros). You can follow the progression of my upper lip right here. Stay tuned.

We have more than once grown facial hair but never for a good cause.
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