Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ocean Park, Maine

We've been dreaming about and planning this vacation for months, and all our preparations paid off when we hit the road last Saturday night. After weighing our options (screaming baby vs. losing a few hours on the beach) we elected to leave at Estelle's bedtime and drive through the night. Despite the abundance of moose warning signs and an unnerving lack of other vehicles on the road, we made it to the rented house in just under 6 hours. Our housemates had arrived earlier in the day and made up our beds, so we simply carried the girls in and crashed.

The next two days were spent on the beach - playing in the sand, boogie-boarding and just taking in the salt air. We also enjoyed the famed sub sandwiches and raspberry-lime rickys from the Soda Fountain.

Then came the clouds and rain... and the hung around for a few days. So we enjoyed shopping at the mall, a day at the outlets and LL Bean in Freeport, and a couple of hours at Target. Gotta love the American deals.

Throughout our trip, we also enjoyed some superb sea (and land) food. Lobster rolls, crab cakes, clam burgers... all of the goodies offered up to us from the ocean. And of course the children's menu for Alice: burger and fries, hot-dog and fries, macaroni and cheese, pizza, spaghetti. It always sounds the same (though we did find one nice cracker/hummus plate for her, and a great child sized plated of haddock with fries) Estelle on the other hand, stuck with her purees, but also tried some toast, oatmeal and prunes for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

I've been to LLBEEN also. How did you ever manage to get out of the store? It's incredible and you are broke once you pass the cashiers. LOL