Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mice are always a problem in the barn; so Pepe invested in 3 kittens that invited 2 of thier friends to stay over. Pepe is finding that his kitten chow is dissapearing too quickly (maybe the mice are having some).

The 2 little ones Ginger and Napoleon. Napoleon was getting a little too frisky with Shilo who was recently in heat. It was a good thing that Shilo is too tall for Napoleon to finish the job or else the cats wouldn't represent the only overpopulation problem at the farm.

Pepe keeps a track mowed in little forest that was planted when they first moved in. Just for such occasions.

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Anonymous said...

It looks as if everyone had a wonderful time.We would love to see the horses and all the work that Meme and Pepe have done. What super memories for ALICE.Estelle will haave warm fuzzy feelings. Gran and Grandad