Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things we don't blog about.

We can officially say that Spring has arrived, not only according to the date on the calendar, but also based on the shoes and wellies that adorn our feet, and the soggy grass poking its way out of the melting snow.

So now it's time to bring you up to speed on a few things that have transpired in our little world. Things that we cannot capture with a cute photo and caption, but that make up such important parts of our lives. 

Let's start with Alice. Our little-big girl never ceases to amaze us with her kindness, considerate nature and spectacular linguistic skills! When asked if she wants her muffin cut, she first says yes, then reflects and say "Actually, I will bite it" When Lucy picks her up from daycare and is upset after a tough day with Estelle she says "I'm just a little bit worried about you, Mummy" Unfortunately, being two also means getting sick - as I write this she is at the clinic with Guy, getting checked for an ear infection. There has also been a bad cold going around, and most worrying, a bad allergic reaction - to what, we're not sure (strawberries? a virus? Weetabix???) Her little body was covered in red splotches and hives and her hands and feet were puffy and itchy.  Daycare has been a bit of a struggle lately - wouldn't it be more fun to stay home with mum and Estelle? Well, you can imagine how hard it is to leave your little one crying her heart out, and to pick her up teary-eyed as well. I suppose our biggest news though, is that last night was the first night (since birth) that Alice slept without a suce (pacifier) After receiving a letter from Santa asking to donate her suces to a little baby without any, in exchange for a "big girl surprise" (pics of the trike to come soon...) she made the brave decision to let go. Of course there were tears at bedtime, but we made it through the night, and luckily Guy did not tell me where they were hidden!

On to the small one... Estelle is changing faster than we can keep up. Every day she gets happier, and sleeps a little better. This of course makes us happier and also sleep better. Her skinny legs have filled out, and she loves standing on them. She laughs and smiles, and of course still cries louder than any baby we've known. But we are so happy and lucky that she has joined our family. 

Looming over us is the upcoming departure of our beloved father, husband, playmate, best friend and wrestling/tickling partner. Guy will begin his rotations at Raglan in 2 weeks. He will be away for 3 weeks at a time, and return for 2 weeks of vacation. Lucy is petrified. But the silver lining is that we are happy he has a job (and one that he loves) and reassured to know that we have friends and family around us who are willing to lend their support. 

In Guy's family, his cousin Marie lost her house to a fire, and is busy rebuilding a temporary home with Travis for their 4 little girls (yes, four!) We think of you often and hope that things are settling down a bit.

On the Potter side, we lost a dear uncle in February. Uncle Alan was a wonderful, dignified man, and we will miss you, mostly as a special friend to your brother David. (Grandad)

So there you have some of the other stuff that keeps us awake at night. 


Anonymous said...

Merci pour les nouvelles Lucy - c'était vraiment une bonne idée d'écrire un texte comme çà. Dave et moi, on vous envoie beaucoup d'amour et de soutien durant ces temps pleins de changements.
On vous aime beaucoup,
Janette & Dave

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for that post. I know I am blessed to see you all so very often, but I still appreciate reading about how your wonderful little family is growing and changing. I loved the picture of dad and Uncle Alan. Thanks.
PS Aunty K gladly volunteers any and all spare time to help out while Super Guy is gone.

Anonymous said...

Alice and Estelle,
If I could get my broom to fly, I would go and help your maman while papa is away.