Monday, February 23, 2009

What's up with us?

Perhaps you've noticed a lack of posts for the past week or so. We can explain... Things have been quite busy around here since everyone at Alice's daycare caught gastro last week (except her, lucky us) so she stayed home to keep Lucy and Estelle busy. Isn't it a shame that when we are having the most fun, just living our everyday lives, is when we don't bother to take any photos. At least our hard drive can attest to the fact that we do, generally, take a lot of photos of the girls.

(Oh, and in case you're wondering, the weekend was topped off with a lovely case of food poisoning for Lucy)

Is she a doctor, or is she a fairy?

You can just barely make out the crown on Lucy's head...


Anonymous said...

It looks like a lot of fun at the Desharnais household... wait until Alice starts dressing Estelle up! Sorry about the food poisoning Lucy (that's why toast and cereal are really the best meals!)
Kisses Aunty Katherine

Anonymous said...

It seems to me Guy is the one who should've gotten food poisoning from eating that fish right out of the lake!
Hope you're feeling better Lucy!
I think Alice is a doctor for fairies.

Anonymous said...

ALICE you can be anything you want to be.We miss your chatter your hugs your laughter and most of all YOUR smile. Love and kisses Gran and Grandad xxxxxx