Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ice fishing

Ice fishing is a "sport" that is common in the coldest parts of Canada. It involves cutting holes in lake ice and putting live bait on the lake bed and waiting for the rod to tip. Also there is a lot of beer drinking involved.

We rented a shack on the St-Lawrence Seaway amongst a small city on the ice with street names and everything.

The weather was quite warm so we were able to spend most of the time outside. The shack in the backround typically has holes cut in the bottom so that one can fish from inside.

This is one of the fish that we caught. We used a little camera trickery to make it look bigger. See next photo for actual size. By having a third party hold the fish close to the camera and having the hand of the supposed fish holder off screen you can do some real magic...

You can turn this...

Into this. Check the boy's hair for proof of timing. That is NOT how the kids wear their hair these days.

A litle poker when the fish are resting.

Did I mention that there was beer involved?

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Anonymous said...

Dave and I thoroughly enjoyed the optical illusion!