Saturday, November 01, 2008

Where did my candy go?

Lucky us - we had a beautiful warm evening for trick-or-treating an a sassy, young cowgirl to roam the neighborhood with. So after handing out a few treats at our house, we saddled up and headed out.
(the now legendary fake smile rears its ugly - ahem, adorable - head)

Alice figures that she can take those two big pirates on - and make away with their candy too!

So who is all this other candy for? Since we hardly had any trick or treaters at our house, Alice started to help herself and fill up her own bag!

Post-outing loot inventory.


Anonymous said...

Cool! La prochaine fois qu'Alice viendra dans l'ouest elle est prête à embarquer sur le cheval à pépé. Guidiyup Alice. Merci pour les photos. X0X0 Mémé

Anonymous said...

So cute!
XOXO Janette & Dave

Anonymous said...

Aussi, merci pour la photo de Lucy!
La Lyse