Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big girl playtime

Baby sisters may be pretty cute... but they are not that useful in the eyes of a two-year old. Luckily we can find some interesting things for Alice to do while she waits for Estelle to get bigger.

Fort building.

"Making coffee" at the park.

Another fort.

Play dough.

And all the while... Estelle sleeps peacefully.


Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!! You two make beautiful children.All my love, Unky G

Mallory said...

A late congratulations on the new baby! I've been trying to keep up with the blog since leaving Raglan and have been loving the adorable pictures of Alice and Estelle! Best wishes to the whole family!

Anonymous said...

Moi aussi je veux jouer avec toi Alice. Ton papa a fait des forts lui aussi avec table, couvertures et autres! Continue à bien t'amuser. Mémé