Sunday, October 05, 2008

This year we zagged...

Every year at this time, Quebecers flock to apple orchards all across the south of the province to pluck bags of the red gems (Lobo, McIntosh, Spartan, Cortland...) which they cart home to turn into crisps, pies, cakes and sauces.

While we usually head out for our own sack of ripe sweeties, our fruit bowl was already full, and so we opted for a slightly less common crop: the pumpkin!!! We made our way out to the west island and hopped on the tractor at "La ferme Labonté" to hike amongst Cinderella's orange globes.

After choosing our pumpkins and navigating the corn maze (it was a tricky one, but Alice found her way out) we headed back to buy some delicious muffins and to visit with the llama.

Let's get this wagon going

Alice gets a better view from up high

Giant tarantulas in the forest!

(We assured Alice that these were not real, only part of the Peruvian theme)

Our brave adventurer heads up the suspended bridge

Her first fake smile?

Oh yes, there were some apples also

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