Saturday, October 11, 2008

Alice in Manitoba

Alice has gone to Manitoba to visit with her Dad's side of the family. There are alot of thing to do here including horsies, tractor rides with Pepe, visits from cousins and walks in the forest.
Alice getting lulus from a professional (see below)

It appears that the male gene is recessive in my family!!

Pepe has a bigger tractor but this one seemed safer.

A less modern farm implement.

Pepe's new ponies (Ginger and No-Name).


Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for these wonderful photos, Guy. And thanks to your family for giving you a super weekend of love and adventures. I can't wait to see you both tomorrow.
xxx Mum

Anonymous said...

So much fun, so much fun! David Niblett and I miss you already Alice!
Janette and Dave

Anonymous said...

Où est Alice ? Je ne la trouve nul part. Quelle belle vacance entourée de famille. Merci à tous d'être venus nous voir et Lucy ça sera pour une prochaine fois. OK?
X0X0 Mémé