Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vegas, baby!

After much web-surfing and soul searching, we decided that we would be able to leave our precious little one for a mini-trip-for-two in Las Vegas.

Once the lists were written (with bolded emergency numbers), and Alice was safely handed over to Gran and Grandad, we jetted over to the airport to, barely make our flight to the city that never sleeps (wait - is that New York? well, in this case it's Vegas!)

We stayed at the Treasure Island hotel and casino right on the Las Vegas strip. Vegas is everything you've seen in the movies - bright lights, non-stop entertainment, decadent food, big money, and beautiful people. We tried to strike a good balance between taking it all in and taking a break...

The room
The view
The famous fountains at the Bellagio hotel - choreographed to Sinatra!

Guy is ready for the nightlife!

Indoor the Venitian hotel - at 10pm! The sky painted ceiling and bright likes make it seem like midday all the time. All the better to keep tourists spending!

A day trip to Hoover Dam. Here is a view of the new bridge, to be completed in 2012.

The intake towers

Note the drastic colour change - not a change in sedimentary strata - but the old water level for Lake Mead behind the dam. Quite worrying...

Amazing rock formations at the Valley of Fire state park.

Get down from there!

Thank-you strange desert man for taking our picture...

(Actually a self-timer pic)

Now there are some awesome sedimentary layers!

Did I mention the food was amazing? This breakfast definitely warranted a photo

Chocolate french-toast brioche with banana custard, rasberries and amaretto maple syrup.

The lobby inside the Wynn hotel

A happy diner

One of the many ritzy shopping malls

What Alice would have enjoyed the most - the fountains!!


Anonymous said...

So I guess whatever happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas! Thanks for sharing your pics - what a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Wow! je suis tellement contente que vous trois avez eu une belle vacance.. Lucy, you look gorgeous and relaxed in the fountain picture. Luv the three of you. Mémé