Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alice's holiday at Gran and Grandad's

What could be better than a summer getaway in the Laurentians. Some people would pay big bucks for this kind of nature retreat. But would they get to drive in the Yellow Van or eat Shawbridge fries? I don't think so.

Our little Alice was lucky enough to stay with her grandparents while mum and dad were off gallivanting in the desert. It's difficult to say who had the most fun... Alice or Gran and Grandad. Well, we don't have much proof of how ecstatic Gran and Grandad were to have Alice stay for them for a few days, but here are some pictures of Alice enjoying herself. (And if you want to imagine what Gran and Grandad look like after their wonderful holiday - picture two tired and happy people crashed out on the couch!)

Looking at pictures while Gran steals a cuddle.

Shouldn't there be water in here?

It's ok baby. Mummy and Daddy will be home soon...

The jumpy jump makes another appearance!

Bree pushing Alice on the swing.

They had to share some good times with friends!

Reading Naughty Nancy ("dancy") with Gran

Hey, they've got all of my favorite foods here!

Where do you want to go Auntie Katherine?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, We missed you today. Thankyou Alice for giving Grandad and Gran a wonderful 'oliday! We had the special treat of being with your amazing,gentle, kind, funny, cuddly,bright,happy,daughter Guy and Lucy thankyou so much.xxxxxxx