Sunday, April 22, 2007

Party, party, party...

We were kept running around on Saturday, as Alice had a very busy social agenda. First, we attended Lea's 2nd birthday party with all of her friends. Alice had a lovely time, playing with Lea's dolls, some birthday balloons, and then eating a big piece of princess cake... (via mum of course) Later in the afternoon, we drove to the north shore to celebrate mononcle Ben's 30th birthday. There were more adults at that party (including Gran and Grandad), but there were also 3 other little girls. Alice was introduced to the wonders of Dora the Explorer (and all of her merchandise).

What a gorgeous cake. And delicious too!

The birthday girl

Alice with her first ever birthday party goodie bag.

Playing with Gran and Rosemarie and Ben and Katherine's house

(it was getting late, so Alice was in her pjs already)

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