Monday, April 30, 2007

From the ground up.

Guy, Dave and Stefane got busy this weekend preparing the ground for the new deck. It was no small feat to auger the holes needed to support the structure, put the sono tubes in place, surround with gravel, and fill with cement. The job was espcially tricky since they encountered some rocky ground on the way down. Now Guy will be able to swap stories with his drillers at work! A prototype of the Canadarm?
Huge arm on the delivery truck drops off the tubes and cement.

The first hole

(notice the raingear - we were not blessed with great weather)

What... taking a break already? Are you guys unionized?

Don't go too deep Guy, we're not drilling for nickel!

After reading and re-reading the instructions, Stefane makes nice with the cement mixer.

And where was Alice during all of this?
Supervising of course!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have pictures here ?

Anonymous said...

Pictures now. Thank you ! Lyse

Anonymous said...

Alice and I had the easiest job supervising but we did a great job!!!!! Love Gran XXXXXX