Saturday, August 06, 2016

Iceland photo dump!!

A whackload of more photos from last month's Iceland trip... So much beauty and so many happy family memories...

Inside the Harpa

Jet lagged

The first of many pools

Hey!!! Can we get a ride with you?

Posing in the mid-continent rift

This thing is heavy

Little geysir

Waiting for the spurt

Alice writing Icelandic folk tales

A geologist's dream

Strolling on the floodway

Taken from inside our cave hidey-hole

Hekla (the dog - not the volcano!)

Preparing our horses

Secret canyon hike

At the foot of the glacier

Attempting to block the river

Coffee time

What's behind the waterfall?

Puffin sweaters

Hot dog lineup

Black and beach - watch for sneaker waves

Our beachfront cottage


Treasures for tourists

Someone is tired

People actually walk out on these things!!!
Not my family

In his element

Pillar tops

Just another pretty waterfall

Introduction to Scattergories

The approach to Skaftafell

Droning at the iceberg lagoon

Viking village movie set

Camouflaged eggs

It's a long drive

Hostel cooking

... and hostel laundry

Wait... is that tunnel bigger than the mountain

Boo... no more waterfalls

Stinky, smoking eruption

Akureyri library

The backside of one of the magnificent icelandic pools


Entering the Grjótagjá cave
(famed Game of Thrones scene)


Finally, a TV!!!

Favorite discount grocery store


It's never too cold for ice-cream

Another little cottage

The last day and we finally made to the Blue Lagoon

Our future car

Who are you putting your money on?

Traditional Icelandic PIZZA

Nooooooo... we don't want to leave


Anonymous said...

What amazing photos. Wendy

Janette said...

Ah! Trop cool! Super beau voyage!