Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Clouds and Crafts

Mother's Day was a blast this year. Breakfast in bed, poems and cards, and the promise of a future pedicure.

Guy left for and Abitibi road trip after lunch, but Lucy and the girls picked up a new craft to try. Check out our papier maché creations below for the quite successful result.

This incredible cloud combo caught my eye just as I was headed into work on Monday. Isn't nature creative?!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that your important contributions to the well-being of the family were recognized on Mother's Day. And how typical that Guy would have to leave on a trip while you, Alice and Estelle had a "play date" with a new craft!

Hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

Vous avez fait des chefs d'œuvres. J'aime l'idée des imprimés c'est différent que la peinture.
Tu as vraiment capté un beau ciel Lucy.
Bonne journée à tous et des câlins. Mémé

Anonymous said...

Trop cute!
XO Janette