Tuesday, April 19, 2016


After nearly a year of steady reading, we finally made it through the last of the Harry Potter tomes. And they were wonderful! What special cozy moments we enjoyed together as a family. Girls pacing the room through scary chapters and Guy and I doing our very best accents to imitate Hagrid, Hermione and all the othe fabulous characters.

We hope the girls girls will look back on it with fondness.

And now we start watching the movies...


Anonymous said...

I recognize some of the covers as Lynn's Guides used to loan her their copies so she could keep "up to date". Lynn certainly enjoyed the early books but did not have the tenacity to read the whole series. Reading is certainly one pleasure that can serve for a lifetime.

On an unrelated point, Alice and Estelle are certainly getting tall!

Hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

Hi Team Lugy. Well done . that's a lot of adventures you have shared in your immaginations. What a gift for your memory boxes. Can I help with a funny accent? love G&G