Saturday, March 12, 2016

Toronto Trip and Big Win!

It has been a crazy couple weeks: with ankle surgery for Guy (hockey incident: 4 weeks in a cast), the annual mining conference (PDAC), a mini vacation in Toronto and 500,000$ contest win for the SGS Geostat Team. Thank god Lucy was around to keep everybody going and happy!

The girls got to see the top of the world in the CN tower.

It had sprinkles! So what if it IS absolutely the wrong hockey team!

 Guy and his team won a contest (see interview link below for details).

Guy's interview on BNN (Canada Business Channel). Check out the 7 minute video here, which gives a great summary of the contest and what we did to win it:

The girls were pretty excited by the whole thing! The money goes to my company, and I hope we can push it back into innovation for our team.


Anonymous said...

Wow! First of all, congratulations to Guy and the team on the win. As always, I have lots of questions about valuing areas with no data, the algorithms used to normalize irregularly distributed data, etc... We can chat about that later.

And an excellent interview on the BNN. Really goes a long way to selling the data analysis and data presentations that SGS can deliver.

As for the Maple Leaf donut! At least it is being eaten by a Montreal fan (I hope)although this year it looks like no team from Canada will be invited to the "big show".

Congratulations again,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Guy ! A great prize, and great interview. So, I guess, we will just hop on a plane and start digging for some gold !!

Lots of love

Richard, Helen, Sarah and Ben