Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Welcome baby Cecelia!

Gareth and Sarah's second daughter was born in January and we congregated in Kitchener for her christening a few weeks ago.

It was lovely for all the kids to spend some time together and the long drive was made enjoyable with movies, company and OnRoutes.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful occasion to get together. And obviously Gareth and Sarah are enjoying trying out a much larger, all girl ensemble of children.

Anonymous said...

We had a super road trip Gran enjoyed movies with the girls. Cecelia and Genevieve were introduced to their cousins all in pretty dresses! It was a special time. Love G and G XXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Très heureuse de voir ces photos avec tout ces beaux sourires !!! Pleins d'amour pour vous !!! xxxx
Pascale xxx