Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gettin' edumacated

The start of school came and went without a blog post... Did you think we'd decided to keep the girls at home and school them in urban farming and geological modelling?

Never fear, we're keeping them in the system, despite what Québec's education minister said last month. So Alice keeps on movin' on and is now in grade 3, with her highlight so far being that there is a real, live bunny rabbit in her classroom! The kids are responsible for taking car of it, and every weekend, someone takes it home. Alice's name is already on the waiting list to have Lapineau over for a slumber party. Her teacher's name is Johanne, and we've been told this year's focus is on autonomy!

Estelle, sweet baby Estelle, has started kindergarten!!! Lucky for everyone, she was truly ready for school (even mastering those tricky letters like H and Q at the end of the summer) and is having a great time in her classroom. Estelle's teacher, Audrée-Anne, is teaching for the first time since finishing her degree!

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Anonymous said...

Such a big school building, such a beautiful little girl (Estelle). And Alice shows all the confidence of "been here before, know the routine". Hope both the girls have a wonderful, enriching educational experience.

Love Paul & Lynn