Sunday, December 08, 2013

Santa and his elf Jimmy

Santa paid a visit to our local garden center where we buy our tree. It was a pretty reasonable waiting line, and we were able to enjoy the lovely decorations and tropical temperature while we stood in line.

Excited Estelle

Nice, natural smile.

The picture of patience...

Pretty AND civilized, what a combo!

Many of Alice's friends at school were getting notes from secret elves and one even trapped her own elf.
Luckily our showed up a couple of days ago, so nobody feels neglected.
His name is Jimmy and he's not too naughty, but still a little shy with us.
Pleased to meet you!

We're not allowed to touch Jimmy, as it could cause him to lose his magic. Estelle's sneaky smile lets you know she wouldn't dream of it...

(ps - it's HUGE success already and it's only just begun...)
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Anonymous said...

So nice to see the excitement building among the true believers!
You are going to have a great Christmas with elves, trees, and three excited girls in the house.
Hugs to all,
Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Gran and Grandad are not quite sure about elves in the house, but I think we may get one . what magic do we need Girls? Love Gran xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Toutes sortes d'excitement et de magie!

Anonymous said...

La dernière photo est maintenant sur mon desktop. Elles sont trop chouettes. Gros bisous. Mémé