Monday, September 16, 2013

Ponies are cool. Alice is the coolest.

Alice's birthday weekend passed by in a flash of ribbons, sugar and smoke (yes, really smoke). It was a celebration of friends and fun, but mostly of honoring this wondrous little girl who is sweetness and sunshine all day long. 

Some memories of the kid party below. Family shots to follow.

toutes les amies

goody bags with pony character hair ribbon

bff from Alice's old school still in the picture

some girls trying the smoke cannon (more on this from Guy later)

the original Twilight Sparkle icing plan. Didn't quite work out.

the backup cake plan. still a big success.


Anonymous said...

Bonne fête Alice! Tu sembles avoir tant grandi depuis que je t'ai vue en juillet!
Lucy, dommage que tu n'as pas pu transférer ton beau cheval, mais le "back-up" est beau aussi!

Anonymous said...

Un groupe de filles c'est toujours spécial. Il semble que vous avez eu beaucoup de plaisir. Bonne fête ma belle.