Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wiggly tooth

Alice has been patiently waiting for her first tooth to fall out. Finally she can say she is on her way. She has a loose tooth on the bottom, so we're launching a survey on the Tooth Fairy. What did she bring you, if anything?


Anonymous said...

Yay Alice!

25 cents, I think? I know it was in the form of a coin, and this was pre-loonie... It seems that the tooth fairy has been giving out between $2 and $5 to kids today though.

Anonymous said...

I believe the going rate when Kimberley was young was $1. One summer she managed to lose a tooth every week so it was just like getting an allowance.

I can already see an improvement in Alice's financial situation, especially if you go with the $2-5 range.

Hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

Guy recevait un 0.25 $. Rappelez vous que ceci se passait au début des 80.
Alice, j'espere que tu as perdu ta dent maintenant! Je cherche encore pour le e accent grave.
Gros bisous à tous.