Saturday, March 02, 2013

Morocco 2013

 Just got back from Morocco, and while the girls are still sleeping, I thought I would post some photos of my trip. These were taken from my new phone!

Typical Landscape.

You start seeing palm trees when you get into the narrow valleys. 

View from the hotel in Ouarzazate (Hollywood for desert movies).

I had to ask the driver if anyone lived here, you never know. It is worth a click to see the detail.

These little huts were amazing, how is the roof built you ask?

HUGE slabs of rock, i was flabbergasted.

Can you spot the dog in this photo?


Anonymous said...

Amazing photographs - thanks for sharing! With no vegetation to get in the way it looks like a land designed for geology.

I imagine all your girls are glad to have you home again.


Anonymous said...

Its nice to be home. Did you find the dog though?

Anonymous said...

No, I could not find the dog Guy. A big hug to your family.