Sunday, December 09, 2012

I promise to share and be a friend

Alice joined the guiding movement back in September, but only just received her uniform and was officially enrolled. There's our little Spark-plug looking happy with her extreme ponytail and giant smile. As activities go, it's pretty low-key - no tournaments, no equipment to haul around, no rowdy boys!! (kidding about that last one) Actually, it's a little like attending a birthday party once a week.


Anonymous said...

Je la vois, je la vois. Alice pourra nous en parler à Noël. À bientôt ! Mémé

Francine said...

NO rowdy boys!?! C'est un phenomène que je ne connais pas:) Bravo Alice!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful Alice. You can teach us some songs around the cammpfire Love Grandad

Anonymous said...

I hope Alice has a much fun in Guiding as Kimberley and Lynn did. It is a chance to make friends outside of school and to learn in a fun environment.
The big smile certainly looks like she is off to a good start.

Love Paul and Lynn