Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dirt, Dirt, Wonderful Dirt

We were pretty busy this summer and completely neglected to maintain our front lawn, which has ended up with an embarrassing quantity of weeds and bare patches. Before going to the full extent of ripping it up and starting from scratch, we're trying to make up for lost time by spreading good dirt and a truckload of seeds. 

Out, out, damn crabgrass!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back on-line! From the pictures it looks like Guy is supervising and the girls are doing all the work - perhaps I missed something? So cute!

Love Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

We also do not have any lawn left (white grubs and chinch bugs)! If you sent the girls up on the bus we would feed and house them while they worked.
Love Lynn

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that no one is working. Looks like a highway crew site :). Reminds me of days on the farm when we took out the ''farm`` boots and clothes and the kids would go at it. Thanks for this. Mémé