Monday, June 25, 2012

Bring in the reinforcements

We've been working tirelessly unpacking, painting, sorting, cleaning... trying to get settled in our new house. It's overwhelming and exciting and exhausting, but we feel extremely lucky to be in a lovely house in a suburban location - so close to a forest. Close enough actually, that mice can get into the pool (and not be able to get out when they need to - catch my drift) and giant spiders can frighten little girls who are simply trying to have a little swim!

On this beautiful Fête Nationale, we decided to call in Dave and Wendy to help us with some painting that was dragging on. Gran brought her game for fun with the girls, and Grandad brought painting clothes and some neato gadgets. It was good for production and for morale.

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Anonymous said...

Bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklesses wow! les filles sont prêtes à PARTY !

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture on the swing. Estelle and her Grandpa obviously share a great love for each other.

The house looks like it is coming along very nicely.

Love, Paul & Lynn