Friday, May 11, 2012

Well, Pardonnez-moi!

Alice seems to have a natural wordy-ness about her. Her vocabulary is impressive for a five year old, and her fluency in French and English might soon surpass that of her parents. The other day I slipped up and said "le gaufre" instead of "la gaufre" (french for waffle) and she corrected me! No Mummy, it's la not le. Sheesh. Tough critic! Also at school this week her class has been finding rhyming words. For example, words ending in "on" sound, "a"' or "i". Alice said that she had raised her hand many times to suggest words, and that her teacher said she was a "specialiste du vocabulaire". Brag-a-brag-a-dooooo!

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Anonymous said...

Remember this pride when Alice is going through the difficult teenage years and she is correcting more than your le and la usage as she strives for independence!

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and enjoy all the honours that come your way (flowers, chocolates, hand-made cards, breakfast in bed?)

Look forward to seeing everyone on the 26th.

Paul & Lynn