Sunday, January 22, 2012


Daddy has just returned from two property audits in Morocco. This was a wonderful trip, with wonderful people, great food and amazing landscapes.

Snow capped "Moyen Atlas" in the background.

A typical hotel in the desert.

I tried to get the maximum number of shadowy layers and this took cake.

This is the typical track to get around. The Dakar Rally is held near here.

An old palace in an oasis.

An "acacien" tree in the desert with a town in background.

The "auberge" where I stayed.

Fences constructed from palm fronds to help stop the sand dunes from invading town.

The old ambulance at one of the mines (There is a brand new one next to it but not nearly as interesting).

Sandstorms are strangely reminiscent of snow storms on the prairies.

The head dress was somewhat of a necessity on this day. Very comfortable.

Le "Haut Atlas".

The gigantic mosque in Casablanca. I couldn't gain access because it was friday. Next time.

Typical meal (tajine) with lamb, prunes and peas. The bread is fresh and makes for a delicious utensil.

I briefly visited the souk in Marakech. Amazing place full of life. Motorcycles cruising down packed back alleys, hundreds of shops and restaurants. Here is the olive section.
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Anonymous said...

What amazing photos!!!!! We want to go there in a Landrover!!!! Thanks for sharing. Love G@G XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Parfait, la vie est belle n'est-ce pas ? Gros bisous. Mémé

Anonymous said...

holy moly! can you present this to my grade eight students next year? Glad you are back safe and sound!