Monday, October 10, 2011

Winnipeg Wonders

As mentioned, our whirlwind visit with Unky G is on right now. In a few short days, he will be leaving for the next installment of conquering the theater world of Canada... In Winnipeg!

Gareth will be in an MTC production of Romeo and Juliet this winter. He is staying at a place downtown, and eager to discover all the wonders of the city (and province?) that we've told him about over the years.

We happen to know that most of our blog followers have either grown up in, lived in, or source spouses from (Pascale!?! c'est nous!) the great city and so we're asking for your tips in making Gareth's stay in the city a fantastic and memorable one. After all, he follows up this stay with a stint in Edmonton, and we don't want Edmonton to out-do Winterpeg, right?

So share some of your Winnipeg love with Gareth, and post some recommendations of things to do and see.

Add a comment to the blog or add a place to this Google map:

And phoey on Air Canada for coming down on "One Great City".

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