Thursday, June 03, 2010

Camping Trial

Last fall we bought a used camper for a great deal and spent the springtime fixing it up. We finally got it out for a test drive at a nearby campground (OKA). The weather was great and we had a blast. Only complaint is that due to the recent dry-spell camp-fires were banned. Hey Obama : the marshmallow industry needs a bail-out...
Lucy put together a top-notch menu.

Not too easy to get the girls to settle down before bed-time. Can you blame them. They did go down after some stern shushing and the second night was a breeze. If I end up going camping/fishing with some buddies I have to remember to leave ONE thing behind. I bet you cant guess.

Some blueberry pancakes for breakfast!

We were even changing diapers in the great outdoors.
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La famille Lavergne said...

Come on Guy! I'm sure the guys would love the princess gate :) Je suis contente que tout c'est bien déroulé et c'est vrai que vous avez eu du beau temps!

Anonymous said...

The princess gate may be useful after some hard partying!

Looks like you're all ready for our trip in August. Dave and I are really looking forward to it!