Sunday, May 17, 2009

More pixels...? No, more camera!

After many years of enjoyment from our point-and-shoot digital cameras (Canon, Sony, Panasonic - we've tried them all) we finally made the switch to a fancy digital SLR camera. What a difference! It actually takes pictures when you press the button, not 3 seconds later, when you're child is long gone. Magic!
Here are a couple of shots from the new camera (please note, we aren't automatically great photographers yet,we just have a great camera) Of course these girls would have been gorgeous if photographed with an old Polaroid, right?

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Anonymous said...

Same great models, same excellent photographer(s). The camera just makes it easier to do the work. Lovely pictures of Alice in front of the theatre poster, and laughing Estelle.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

C'est super ces photos. Elles sont belles avec leurs chapeaux et aussi sans chapeaux. X0X0 Mémé

Anonymous said...

Ouin, Alice a l'air d'avoir 8 ans dans la dernière photo! Ah, que le temps passe vite!

Anonymous said...

Told you so!!!

Great shots

Love from

Yousuf Karsh & Friends