Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dreaming of the tropics

Estelle has been lounging in the baby hammock that her mononcles Sol and Philippe bought for big sister Alice. Unfortunately, baby Alice was quite big by the time she received the hammock, and didn't make much use of it.

Now Estelle on the other hand... can spend hours snuggled up in her cosy nest, while staying close to her dad as he watches TV and gives her the occasional nudge.

When are you guys taking me on my first cruise?
"It's so not fair - Alice got to go to the Caribbean"


Anonymous said...

Palm trees and a sea breeze would be nice too. Gran and Grandad xx

Anonymous said...

You two make gorgeous children! Hope you are all doing wonderful. Can't wait to see you!

xoxo Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Daddy should be in the hammock today!!Happy Birthday.. Love Dave and Wendy xx