Monday, May 19, 2008

BBQs and Boxes

This weekend Guy finally bought a new barbecue. A serious barbecue. This following a great deal of hemming and hawing and flicking rusty metal shavings off of our burgers, due to the disintegrating Thermos model we hung onto for 6 years.

While Alice is not so big on steak and ribs, she gets to play with the box. And what a huge box it is! Guy cut a door and a couple of windows into it. Next we filled it with her doll bed, a chair, some books and a teaset. She was set for an entire day of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! J'espère que tu ne vas pas te perdre dans ta grande demeure ! Je suis certaine que Pépère a bien hâte de vérifier les travaux de construction de ton papa !
Bonne visite avec tes grands-parents...