Sunday, September 20, 2015


Here is Alice ready to set off on a birthday party sleepover - not to worry... her friend lives only about 8 houses down the street!

(Update: she came back home completely zonked - not sure what time they got to sleep)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Reading and Writing

So far Estelle is a real star in grade 1 since she is a nearly independent reader and her fine motor skills are excellent.

Spelling not perfect yet, but it's nice to see her blossoming confidence and interest in school and learning.

Translation: Here is a bird that could have reached the sky.

Birthday Season is Upon Us

Alice celebrated her 9th birthday with an intimate (only 3 invites - yahoo!) sleepover party, pinata and projection mapping cake (bet you never hear that before - click on over to Guy's instructables page to see)

The biggest event however was that we went 50-50 with Alice on an ipad mini for her (big, big big) gift. Of course it comes with strings attached, like time limits and a net-nanny, but all in all she felt she was ready for it.


Homespun tunes...

Lucy's been pushing for the girls to take piano lessons for a while now. We finally tracked down a young, fun college student to come to our house once a week and give the girls a 30 min lesson each. Only 2 lessons so far and they're reading music and can play 3 little songs! Yay!

Lucy also has been trying to recall her 2 years of lessons from 20 years ago...

Warm September

September weather has been incredible here so far. We were lucky enough to get a spot at Gatineau Park over Labor Day weekend, where we spent most of our time hanging around the picnic table reading Harry Potter (we're onto the Goblet of Fire...) 

We also initiated the girls into their responsibility for washing dishes at the campsite (are we a bit late on this parenting front?!)

Oops, looks like Daddy still has to carry the dishes to the wash block...

School is IN!

Summer came and went in the blink of an eye and now we're well into the school year with homework, permission slips and group projects.

Alice is rather pleased that Estelle has homework in grade 1 and Estelle is, so far extremely keen - her books are out and ready before we've got our shoes off in the house.

And grade 4 is no biggie for Alice who slips into the routine without any trouble.

Hope you have a good year of brown-bag lunches and ballon chasseur!