Monday, March 28, 2011

Paleo 101

The girls took care of washing and drying the shells they collected on vacation. There were a few really good ones. And lots of variety (rocks, coral, bits of wood, concrete...)

And how was your day, Daddy?

"Mine was pretty good. What did you do today, Estelle?"

Dinner Guests

Thank-you Olivia and Katherine for dropping in for dinner on Saturday. Here are the best pics we could manage of the three cousins together.

In case you didn't know, Olivia is a full biped now. She has been walking for a few weeks and is completely steady and confident in her stride (possibly a little swagger showing...)

Downhill from here!
Possibly the best one?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miami I

We just returned from a week's vacation down in the Caribbean. It's no wonder so many Canadians love to fly south for a little break from the cold weather.
We spent two days in Miami followed by a five day eastern Caribbean cruise. It was just wonderful and here's the proof...
(for you hard-core blog fans, the photos run past the bottom of the page. Use the headings in the right sidebar to view them all: Miami I + II, Carnival I, II + III, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau)
Lounging at Sadigo Court Hotel, South Beach

Daddy made it from Columbia!
He got delayed and had to meet up with us at the airport in Miami.

The painted toenails have arrived

Want some ice cream, Daddy?

Our apartment suite
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Miami II

Meme and Pepe made it to Miami!

Father and Son

Alice playing in the sand - watch out for the Portuguese man o' war.
Actually, we found out that people were advised against swimming at Miami Beach, due to the large number of Portuguese man o' war that had washed up with the strong winds. After about 20 minutes at the beach, Alice complained of sore fingers and a sore leg. It was indeed a little red and swollen, but we figured she must have been stung by a mosquito at our hotel. Later that night, after a dose of Benadryl, we researched the man o' war, and found it to look exactly like the "blue bubble" she had picked up on the beach. So our beachcomber was actually stung by a marine invertebrate!

Lucky girls getting a ride

Two small girls and one big tree
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Carnival Destiny I

Alice invited Estelle onto her top bunk a few times.
Half of our stateroom.
We had a porthole window to look out to sea.
Room for 4 in this king size bed.
Happy swimmers
So many people enjoying the sun
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Carnival II

A major part of a cruise vacation is no doubt the food.
Whatever you feel like eating, they've got it.
Whenever you're hungry (or not), you can eat.
Where ever you want to dine, food will come to you.

Guy and the first of many desserts - the warm melting chocolate cake

By supper time, Estelle was usually pretty tuckered out. She would eat a few pieces of melon, and fuss about till it was over. On this particular night, she fell asleep in Lucy's arms and woke only near the end of the meal for a few bites.

Two happy ice cream eaters

Alice looking lovely on formal night.

Estelle still dressed up for the occasion, but would rather be in bed.
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Carnival Destiny III

Towel animal, thanks to our room steward, Jorge

Alice was desperate to try mini-putt, but all that wind and noise at the upper aft of the ship was a little distracting.
Tiger wouldn't put up with that...

Alice trying to relax on deck. Every time we tried to just sit and relax somewhere, she would say "What are we waiting for?". She also kept asking us when we would arrive at our destination, not really understanding the whole "cruising for pleasure" thing.

Our amazing dinner companions. Rene and Lyse were very patient and understanding during Estelle's evening breakdowns. Luckily the food was really good, and the waiters entertained us so they stuck it out.

It's windy out here!
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Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

Our first stop after a day a sea was in Grand Turk. We has a blast swimming in the beautiful ocean and the girls loved playing in the sans and collecting shells. At lunch time, we went back on board for lunch, a nap (Estelle/Lyse) and playing at Camp Carnival (Alice). Guy and Rene stayed ashore and took the "ultimate snorkeling" excursion. Guy even swears he saw a shark...

We're free! Let the phantom boat rocking begin.

Young crew mates
Always with the hats and sunblock, Lucy...

Alice deciding whether or not to just swim back on board

Meme trying to convince Estelle to let her into her mini-pool

Happy vacationers!
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Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

It is pronounced "kay" or "key"? There were conflicting opinions, but really, who cares! We loved the powdery, white beach, warm turquoise waters, and beachside pina coladas!

Our ship docked off the island and we were tendered to and from the beach by three small (only 150 people) boats.

Estelle in one of the clam shells we rented for the day

Alice at the Captain Morgan's pirate ship bar.
They couldn't keep this yound swashbuckler out, and it was a great view from the top deck.

Oh no, we're under attack!

Alice next to her entry in the sandcastle competition - A sand-man!
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