Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A few photos of our "babymoon" in France and Italy (with a minor stopover in Geneva, Switzerland)
The Smart car we rented while in Italy. Drove like a dream on those windy, narrow Tuscan roads.
The night train from Geneva to Florence. Not a bad set-up, but who can sleep with all of the excitement!
Some vines at the agritourism farm we stayed at near Florence, Podere il Poggiolo. What a gorgeous setting, delicious food and a cozy place.
Upon our return to Les Louvières, the boys put us to work! Lucy lucked out with "lollypop jobs", while Guy had to do all of the lousy jobs...
Chef Guy's specialty - grilled cheese with cherry garnish. Delicious.
Annecy, France. A gorgeous little town in the Haute-Savoie region (not far from Albertville - of Olympic fame).
The famed Duomo (cathedral) in Florence. Even more impressive inside than out.
The boys in Geneva: Guy, Philippe, and Sol.
Holy appetizers! Les Louvières was serving up two large groups, and we got to help with the prep-work.
Il Campo in Siena. Site of the annual historic Palio horse races.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Been awhile...

Looks like the Blog thing didn't catch on last fall! Well, here were are trying again, with so much to share! As most of you know, since very late in 2005, a little "crevette" has been added to the team roster!

Our precious baby is growing bigger and bigger all the time, surprising her dad that mum's tummy can keep expanding. As the pregnancy progresses wonderfully, Lucy is already entering the third trimester next week. So far the unpleasant side-effects have been limited to a little nausea early in the 1st trimester and rare but painful leg cramps. Guy is pleased that the pregnancy has caused her to slow down, and take an occasional nap!

So when does this all culminate? And what are we to expect? The official date of the "release party" is September 10th, 2006. The star of the event will be none other than a little Miss Crevette! No final word yet on the name, but there are a few high-ranked contenders!

Here's hoping that the next post will not be 6 months in the making!

xxx Team Luguy
Nyah Nyah at 12 week ultrasound!

Is that Gran's nose?